Uh-oh! I’m late with my Friday illustration again. But I have something else to show you instead… some photos I took at Vivid Sydney. If you are in Sydney and haven’t seen it yet, you should. It is definitely worth braving the crowds and cold nights to see this creative festival of light. It’s on until the 11th of June in Circular Quay and it’s FREE!

All images © Mahani Del Borrello 2012

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Abstract + Surrealistic + Birds – the trend for Spring 2012!!

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A very insightful and readable article ….the title itself is so compelling. Love the whole idea of ‘languages and relationships’ . . . both my favorite topics coming together into one.

A Big Life

One thing people feel they have free rein to constantly comment on, is what language I speak in my home and to my partner. The most common refrain is, ‘You are in Germany, you should speak German to each other’ and other variations on the theme. Frankly, I tend to feel telling me what language to speak to my partner is like me telling you how often you should be having sex with yours. It isn’t any of my business and it is entirely up to you two. But that is by the by. This isn’t about what pisses me off, but instead about a little theory I have regarding bilingual relationships.

Obviously, I speak English. I came to Germany with three words of German (and one of them was ‘hallo’ under my belt) and have spent the past eighteen months simultaneously teaching English, writing in English and learning a…

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Bewitching Monsoon Rains

The rain makes me go crazy. Makes me lose my mind. The thunder, the lightening, the wet wind hits me deep inside. It’s a wonder of wonders how water could be so enchanting. How could the world turn into such an overwhelming source of pleasure in just a matter of seconds. The world has transformed into a cacophony of musical sounds, beats, clash, thunder and the sweet symphony of falling drops on the earth. The trees have shed the dust and the earth its sorrows, it’s a time to rejoice now.

I’m awed and inspired, I’m in a trace. My nerve endings are experiencing a sensation that lifts my soul far beyond my body, into the realm of the unknown. The deep embers of my heart have been fueled and my soul searches with a longing so intense, it could turn me to fire if not quenched. I want to dance in the rain, paint the world with my passion, ride on the wind and never look back.

The bewitching monsoon rains are here. It’s time to find me and you now.

Look for me in the monsoon rains and you won’t find me. They have touched something deep inside and I have lost sense of my existence. Find me in the thunder that rumbles and quakes, the lightening that brightens up the sky, the wet breeze that is the breath of life itself. Look for me in the rain drops that are attracted to the mother earth and fall slowly, finding their path, vibrate ever so gently before kissing the hungry ground and turning to dust themselves. If you can’t find me there, look for me in the colors of the rainbow, I will appear for a small glimpse to the waiting world.

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Let it snow!

Burberry winter

Burberry Winter Accessories

I have never seen snow but I do like the fact that it’s snowing on my blog. Even though it’s virtual snowfall but I am loving this feature by WordPress.

Winters have arrived, and yes it did seem like they’ve taken longer to get here than last time but that doesn’t make their arrival any less charming. I would have used the word fascinating here, if it actually snowed in my part of the country. Yes, the whole country is not bereft of snow. However, almost all year round it’s summer here and a scorching one at that.  Winters are very short and though they are much much colder than in lower parts of the country, sadly they are not cold enough to snow here. We do have occasional hail storms though, one or two in a span of several years. When winters do arrive, they bring with them the promise of long walks, gorgeous winter accessories, misty surroundings and foggy breaths. Drinking delicious Kashmiri tea, munching on nuts, and eating ‘garam garam andays’ (boiled eggs) have their own appeal too. But the real reason that I love winters is that the summer months here are so dry, hot and unbearable.

Well, let’s not talk about the summer anymore. That’s not what either this post or the snowfall on the screen is about. So I’ll just have a cup of coffee with freshly baked cake while enjoying all that the winters have to offer.

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Let’s write poetry…

Following is a note posted by me on my Facebook profile. It was at the start of this year. I was feeling very nostalgic and was in a mood for reading and writing inspirational original poetry. Thus I posted the following post and kept it updating as the responses came. It started out slow with me and my friend Erum taking the lead and slowly others pitched in too! I am very proud of all those who contributed and surprised not only me but themselves too at how good a poet they were! Continue reading
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National Youth Convention

Sindh Youth Convention

Me @ Sindh Youth Convention

It was in 2005 when me and my very very close friend Sana were selected to represent our university Textile Institute of Pakistan – TIP, in the Sindh Youth Convention. It was a 4 day event with impromptu debates by the candidates ending with a cultural show including humorous poetry and classical musical evening. The venue was Karachi University where we also met another very dear friend of mine, Wardah, and in between the sessions me and Sana would explore KU, its different departments, libraries and long deserted lanes. Now KU and deserted is a little hard to believe but a campus where people travel by buses from one department to the next, there are several areas that are actually deserted hidden treasures. We even found some ‘dhabbas’ (kiosks and adobe houses) inside the campus and all in all it was a great time for me and Sana loitering about lazily in the summer afternoon heat. I stayed at Sana’s house for these days and the funny thing was I was suffering from a severely bad throat. Sana’s mom gave me ‘haldi’ (turmeric) in milk to clear my throat and improve my voice but to no avail and all that came out was a croaking rasping ruse of a sound! Anyways my voice did me in but Sana went on to qualify for the National Youth Convention and won accolades for TIP by being selected amongst the top 10 students from Pakistan. Later on we also went to Governor House, Karachi where every participant got a certificate and cheque. I remember the cheque amounted to Rs.5000 which to the government’s credit bounced back!!! Still have the cheque saved 😉

Our faculty member Mr. Ali Hafeez was there with us every step of the way to lend us support and following is a post I found written by him in the TIP online magazine ‘Quack’ :

An excerpt from this post :

“It has been a pleasure for me to chaperon these TIP representatives (Sana Kamaludin, Nazish Hafeez, and Bilal Akhtar in 2005 and Nimra Waseem, Farrukh Sham, and M. Raza in 2006), who have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in this prestigious Annual event.”

Like This!

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